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The Texas Saltwater Fishing Guides Web; a network of marketing and promotional web sites.

Texas Saltwater Fishing Guides is Texas Outdoor Webs advertising and marketing web site for Texas Saltwater Fishing Guides

The Texas Saltwater Fishing Guides web is a page one ranking web site containing saltwater fishing guides for the entire coast of Texas.


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Welcome to Texas Outdoor Webs

Texas Outdoor Webs is THE web design business for the small  to medium sized business in Texas that already has a web site, or wants to develop a web site.  If you already have a web site, we'll make it better.  If you want to develop a new web site, we'll provide you with expert consulting and design from conceptualization through final publishing and ongoing maintenance.  We're not one of those companies that is constantly looking for that "million dollar deal", while ignoring existing customers.  The small to medium sized Texas business is our business niche.  This means that you, the client, receive exceptional support; your phone calls are returned promptly, you will receive replies to your emails in a timely manner, and maintenance changes to your web site will be accomplished quickly and accurately. 

Our Clients

Texas Outdoor Webs is virtually the only web site development company dedicated to the web development of Texas hunting/game ranches, Texas Saltwater fishing guides, outfitters, supporting companies, and businesses that serve the Texas hunter, fisherman, and outdoors enthusiast.

While the outdoors businesses of Texas remain our specialty, we have also expanded our business into other sectors of the Texas economy.  We now have web sites for boat and outboard dealers, lawn care services, gardening and nurseries, estate sales, automotive parts distributors, and oilfield safety companies.

Market Your Products and Services

Our marketing and promotional web site, The Texas Saltwater Fishing Guides web, advertises and promotes the web sites and businesses of Texas Saltwater Fishing Guides through ongoing Search Engine Optimization techniques.  This web sites rank on the first page of every major search engine, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Our advertisements feature the largest, most highly visible advertisements in the business. We do not use banners or thumbnail images. 

Click here to find out more about getting your business advertised on this highly visible web site.

Why get a Web Site

Let's face it, if your business is located in the vast rural areas of Texas, you need a way to quickly give prospective customers relevant information about your products and to allow them to see pictures, video, and/or audio of those products.  You also need to be able to answer any questions they might have about your product.  A web site that emphasizes the unique qualities of your business beyond the local market is the best way to accomplish this task no matter where you live in Texas.

For Texas game and hunting ranches, a web site is an absolute necessity, simply due to the vast distances involved in traveling to a particular ranch to see its products and services.  For saltwater fishing guides, clients can come from other states to go fishing on the Gulf Coast.  These prospective clients want to look at a quality web site.

For those businesses located in the urban areas of Texas, we can provide better, more efficient, timely and less expensive service than those companies located in the cities.  The reason is that our costs are lower than these city-based businesses.

Our Web Sites

Please feel free to view the web sites designed and maintained by my company. My latest clients are displayed to the right.  You can click on these links to visit their web sites or view all of my web sites under the "Our Clients" menu.  I am proud to be the web site designer for these businesses.

Customer Service

Steve Purcell believes in that good, old-fashioned, honest customer service.  When you call us wanting to change your web site, in some cases, I will make the change while we are on the phone.  Unless there is a large change to the web site, I will have the maintenance on your web site completed within a 24 hour window. 

Give me a call; I'll take care of your web site needs.

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